Monday, June 4, 2007

It's A Baby Pool!

Thoughts on Becoming Grandparents

"Sometimes we get to be someones Miracle Maker"

The car battery died on Mother & Daddy's car the Sunday before Memorial Day. At 90, and with his eye still stitched shut from the surgery, Daddy needed help. They had not missed a Memorial Day Parade in years - they are both very patriotic and Daddy was a POW in WWII. Very early Monday morning, John the neighbor went out and got a battery and with sweat dripping from his brow into the car, he worked as fast as he could to install the battery intime for Mother and Daddy to make the parade - they did and this story had a very happy ending.

Spent the evening with our campers...our Friday Night Lights!

All my days are eventful...and exciting...and did you say newsworthy???

Saturday, June 2, 2007

I was born on the Sabbath Day - when were you?

Another Work Day - Another Dollar - Too much excitement......

A Full Moon and a Blue Moon - baby!

To learn if you were born on a full moon, click on "lunar phases" on the Moon to the right and then scroll down to the Moon phases and dates - select your year