Saturday, August 4, 2007

This piece of artwork at the Atlanta Airport was made of business cards - how appropriate a reminder of where to spend our time!

They are so young - I am the daughter, wife and mother of Veterans and felt emotionally drained after 2 hours of send offs while waiting and waiting..

I spent 8 hours in the Atlanta airport entertaining myself while waiting on my flight which was then delayed 2 hrs - lots of entertainment needed!

Daddy was a POW in WWII - one day I was reading a book by Eisenhower and the Africa campaign and he began talking. On occasion he tells me stories.

Daddy tells great stories - and the house is still standing near the creek, but the fields are empty of farm livestock.

Life threw two curve balls today and one across the plate where the player hits a home run!!!! Run! Run! Run!

Another great walk and then more travel....

Back on the Walking Path ... again....

We Dog Sat for a week - at the end Barkley was exhausted and Cooper was thrilled to see his humans!