Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Return of the Runaway Planner

A sad sad situation....

A Little family history .....

When Mother picked up my journal to read, she turned and said "this house looks just like my Grandmother Mary Anns house." It is - I was drawing it from a photo I had found!

Just another day around camp ... Really?

Sunday, May 6, 2007

The mural is taking shape - on beautiful weather days, the blue on the building matches the blue in the sky!

Collectively their ages add up to 178....Happy Birthday to the Campers!

A visit to one of the subcamps created more great memories...We did one of our favorite things and drove around in the hills on the dirt roads...missing washouts...crossing creeks...climbing banks...taking "chances"... and generally getting my SUV dirty! We took the Camp Ranger along because as the oldest camper in the picture seems to think "we can go farther up these roads if he is in the car" (He still thinks that girls can't do everything boys can!) We decided to pass on climbing the Fire Tower for the view (next time) and we topped off the day by sitting in old rocking chairs and wooden swings on the porch at a small log cabin store high up in the foothills - rocking and eating popcorn. They offered to keep Barkley at the subcamp - he would get fat if he stayed - too much food sharing from the campers!

One is never to old to swing - 86 and flying high! Happy Birthday Camper!