Saturday, January 5, 2008

More excitement! More stories!

Not only new pictures, but lots of new experiences and all becomes stories to tell!

The New Year brings lots of new pictures - be on the look out for Nana Nancy!

Art Goals for 2008

1) Register & complete Kate's Watercolor pencil class 2) Complete one watercolor picture suitable for framing - frame and hang 3) Do 1-2 entries in my journal per week - update Camp Sparky at least 1 x a month 4) Continue to work on babies and faces on "People Pages" in sketch book 5) Continue to photograph one room school houses & barns in my region 6) Finish a quilt

Happy New Year

Days off work to have fun working at, cleaning, reorganizing, and walking Barkley make for great days off!

The "Annual Office Clean Up Day" ...and I am not done yet - I have skimmed off the surface!

Christmas with family.......These are the best days.

I felt is amazing what a great kitchen will do to a person!

Book Review - "One Minute After" and then I said "Geoffrey, I read this book on the plane" and he said..... Oh my..............

Oh what a day! The pelicans are my favorites - I should draw pages of them....

Off to Tampa again on a very exciting flight...

Book Review - "Seal" I used to keep a log of everything I read - I am adding that to my journal by drawing the cover and a review...

Our family is unique - my parents are being "helped" by their children and spouses- According to the rehab center, we are not the norm!

A First Tooth rears its shiny little tip...